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"I just wanted to say thanks again. I thought it would be great if a year or two down the line I had made enough money to completely pay off my mortgage. Well, six months since becoming a Premium member, I had passed that mark. Very shortly I will be paying my mortgage off.

To cut a very long story short, that would not have been possible without your help Jack. The community, daily shows, courses, your advice, and everything else has now made it possible for me to make a life changing amount of money that will ultimately mean a better life for me and my family. I am truly grateful

Martin, Premium Member

The Premium Membership is Designed to
Transform Your Trading and Achieve Your Goals

Everything You Need in One Place to Trade
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Consistency and Confidence
Learn everything required to become a consistently profitable trader.
Exclusive Trading Community
Be part of a highly focused and successful community.
Focus and Efficiency
Focus on the best trading opportunities that are provided for you every day.
Achieve Your Potential
Transform your trading and improve your results.
Premium Membership
What's Included?
1. Personal Welcome Consultation Call with Jack
15-30 min Personal Consultation
Jack takes pride in helping others achieve their goals. This is your opportunity to talk 1 to 1 with Jack about your goals and how he can help you achieve them. Jack also shows you the platform and recommends which courses would be most beneficial for you to make best use of your membership.
Zoom call
Once you've become a Premium annual member you can email Jack to schedule your personal consultation. Jack will send you the Zoom link via email.
Annual Membership Only
The personal consultation call with Jack is only available if you choose to become an annual Premium member.
2. Access to Daily Live Show and Watchlist Updates
Jack spends over 50 hours per week scanning meticulously for the best trading opportunities. That's over 2,500 hours per year a professional stock trader is working hard for you providing the best opportunities at your fingertips.

Interact with Jack every weekday on the 30 minute Live Show where he discusses the best trading opportunities using his Optimal Entry Point Detection. That's over 125 hours per year you are live with a Professional Stock Trader.
Daily Updated Watchlists
Jack scans over 9,000 stocks daily and many crypto pairs and applies his many years of experience to find the best trading opportunities in the US stock market. This is a significant time-saver and ensures that you are focusing on the best potential opportunities.

Everyday, before US market open, you are emailed links to a daily updated master US stocks watchlist, updated crypto watchlist and a daily updated breakout focus watchlist. TC2000 and TradingView quick import stock and crypto lists are also provided.
Daily Live Watchlist Show - Analysis and Q&A
Every weekday, 45 mins prior to US stock market open, Jack hosts a 30 min live daily watchlist show via Zoom for Premium members. He conducts analysis to identify optimal entry points for asymmetric risk vs reward opportunities, active trade management of open positions, Premium member stock requests and live Q&A!
Near Real Time Alerts
Jack posts 'near' Real Time Alerts in the trader's community forum and sends you an email when a stock is breaking out of a base or springing back into one.
Live Stock Watchlist Table
Monitor the daily focus watchlist in 'near' real time via our live stock watchlist table updated every weekday. Easily identify which stocks are breaking out or springing and the level of volume vs the 30 day average. A significant timesaver.
3. Access to Private Trader's Community
Exclusive Premium Member's Trading Community
  • Daily interaction with Jack and other member's in the active trading community/forum.
  • Share ideas, trade and learn with others.
  • Have your trading questions answered.
  • Post charts for analysis, insight and feedback.
  • Join other full-time professional traders
4. Access to all 10 Trading Courses
Jack's courses are world renown for their expert knowledge and his easy to follow style of teaching
Trading Courses from
Beginner to Advanced
Hours of World Class Training
Course Videos
From 79 reviews for all courses
from our students

Beginner's Trading Courses
Step by step instructional courses teaching you topics such as:

  • Technical analysis;
  • Accumulation and distribution characteristics;
  • Japanese Candlesticks;
  • How to trade springs and breakouts;
  • Know what the Smart Money is doing;
  • The Wyckoff Method.
What Will You Learn?
Technical Analysis and How to Identify Accumulation & Distribution
Technical analysis is the study of price charts and repeatable chart patterns. Jack takes it a step further teaching you how to identify repeatable chart patterns and also signs of accumulation and distribution by the Smart Money.
Japanese Candlesticks
Japanese Candlesticks are extremely powerful when combined with an understanding of technical analysis and chart patterns. Jack is one of the world's leading experts on Japanese Candlesticks and he'll teach you everything from the basics to advanced techniques in his courses.
How to Trade Springs & Breakouts
Learn to become a consistently profitable trader by understanding how to trade springs and breakouts.
The Wyckoff Method
The Wyckoff Method is the backbone of Jack's process and he is one of the world's leading teachers on the subject. In his various courses he will teach you everything he knows about the Wyckoff Method from the basics to advanced topics.

Beginner's Trading Courses
What's Included
Trading Course
Learn the Wyckoff trading methodology.
Understand how smart money accumulates & distributes. Swing trade with the smart money.
10 Chapters | 3.5 Hours | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £500

Breakout Strategy
Trading Course
Learn how to identify breakouts, how to spot institutional buying and how to correctly read supply and demand.
3 Chapters | 4.5 Hours | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £500
Pro Trading Journal
Learn to use the same spreadsheet that Jack uses to log, analyse and journal his trades via five tutorial videos - to help you to start tracking your performance today.
1 Chapter | 1 Hour | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £50
What Members say about
the Beginner's Trading Courses
"Key Learning"
Introductory Course
"This course is a superb introduction to learning what's happening in the market and how you can be profitable. Take this course and you'll save yourself years of time and effort."

Ryan S

"Really Absorbing Material"
Breakout Strategy Course
"Great course for really getting under the bonnet of breakout trading from a Wyckoff perspective. Jack's style is egoless and hugely informative."

Richard G
"This is a must!"
Pro Trading Journal
"This spreadsheet does the calculations for you - the risk does it meet the requirements to take the trade ,the target price and more. It is my new go-to trading journal ."

Declan S
Intermediate Trading Courses
Step by step instructional courses teaching you topics such as:

  • In depth Technical Analysis;
  • Perfect Long & Short Entry Points;
  • Deliberate Practice for Trading Excellence;
  • In-depth Accumulation & Distribution Chart; Pattern Analysis.
What Will You Learn?
In Depth Technical Analysis for Perfect Long & Short Entry Points
Take your understanding of technical analysis and timing perfect long and short entries to another level.
In Depth Chart Reading of Accumulation & Distribution Chart Patterns
Learn how to identify distribution chart patterns at market tops and accumulation chart patterns at market bottoms.
Learn Deliberate Practice for Trading Excellence
You know to become better at anything you must practice deliberately, the same is true with trading. Jack teaches you exactly how to deliberately practice trading to dramatically improve your results.
Intermediate Trading Courses
What's Included
Deliberate Practice
Trading Course
Learn how to practice swing trading like a pro.
Excel spreadsheet to log and analyse your trades. Quickly become a consistent trader.
4 Chapters | 2 Hours | Full Trading Journal
VALUE: £350
Perfect Entries
Trading Course
50 charts of perfect breakouts and springs.
Learn profitable patterns and best entry points. Learn what the big winners do!
3 Chapters | 1.5 Hours | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £500
Historic Perfect Entries
Trading Course
Profitable patterns from 100 years occur today. Study the past to take advantage of the future. Learn timeless principles of successful trading.
4 Chapters | 45 mins | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £350
Perfect Shorting Entries
Trading Course
Learn to spot perfect shorting opportunities.
Identify failed breakouts and climatic tops.
Master the short side!
1 Chapter | 1.5 Hours | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £350
Recession Survival
Trading Course
Learn what happened at top & bottom of Great Recession. 100 distribution and 100 accumulation structures analysed.
Learn to spot market tops and bottoms.
4 Chapters | 8 Hours | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £1000
What Members say about
the Intermediate Trading Courses
"My A-HA moment to entries"
Perfect Entries Course
"This is a great course. It really helped me understand how to find ideal entry points. The repetition of the examples was great and reinforced my learning."

Michelle M.

"Breakouts and Springs"
Perfect Entries Course
"I finally understand supply and demand tales and how volume is being absorbed even though it is not clear from the price action!"

Joe W.
"Another Great Course"
Historic Perfect Entries Course
"Fascinating course that really drives home the repeatable nature of the market and how we can use that to our advantage."

Advanced Trading Courses
Step by step instructional courses teaching you topics such as:

  • Advanced Technical Analysis & Chart Reading;
  • How to Create Optimal Risk vs Reward Opportunities;
  • Trade Management Masterclass;
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis;
  • Volatility Regimes & Different Market Environments;
  • Advanced Wyckoff Method Techniques;
  • How to Scan for Optimal Entries.
What Will You Learn?
Advanced Technical Analysis & Multiple Timeframe Analysis
Become an expert at technical analysis and multiple timeframe analysis to identify optimal risk vs reward trading opportunities.
Improve Your Trade Management & Decision Making Process
Consistently good decisions lead to consistently good results. Jack teaches you how to improve your trade management and decision making using advanced techniques so you can improve your consistency and results.
Advanced Wyckoff Method Techniques
Jack is regarded by many as the world's leading authority on the Wyckoff Method and his ability to teach on this subject is second to none. Step by step he explains advanced Wyckoff techniques to give you that added edge in the markets.
Learn to Scan for Optimal Entries
Every wondered how Jack identifies so many great trading opportunities? Now you can learn how Jack scans the market efficiently to consistently find the best opportunities.
Advanced Trading Courses
Trading Course
Learn everything required to become a consistently profitable swing trader.
How to think and swing trade like a pro.
Be prepared for any market!
15 Chapters | 28 Hours | Full Course Notes.
VALUE: £1250
Trading Course
Learn to identify optimal trade entries across multiple timeframes and optimise your trade management.
20 Chapters | 8 Hours | Full Course Notes
VALUE: £1500
Trading Courses
As an active member, you will have full access to any future courses and content updates.
What Members say about
the Advanced Trading Courses
"Transformational Impact!"
Advanced Trading Course
"This course has had a truly transformative impact on my appreciation of market behaviour, but more importantly, on my trading performance."


"Learnt More in This Course Than Previous 3 years!"
Advanced Trading Course
"If you are serious about trading for a living and willing to put in the hard work and effort then this course has the answer."

Matthew T.
"In-Depth Multi-timeframe Analysis"
Masterclass Trading Course
"This course offers in depth information that enables you to take positions on the intraday time charts and scale into positions like a professional.A course I recommend for anyone who wishes to trade intraday."

5. Secure Traders Platform
All content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our secure trader's platform.
Watch courses and live show replays at your own convenience with our excellent user interface software.
Download and import Jack's master watchlist and focused watchlist into well known charting software tools.
Exclusive Community
Engage with other Premium members who are serious about their results and improving.
The Premium Membership is the
Complete Package For You
"A month or so after starting to trade breakouts, I found out pretty quickly that I needed a method and some knowledge behind my stock picks or I was going to give away money very quickly.

I joined Jack's Premium membership 3 months ago. I started to work through the course's Jack provides with his Premium membership and found they are very in depth but taught in a way that's easy to understand, I can see he has put a lot of time and effort into the ever expanding courses he offers on his site.

The forum is also packed with information and has a real community spirit with everyone pushing towards the same goals of improving their trading.

The daily live shows are also invaluable giving you a better insight to the overall market and potential stocks about to go in-play.

I just want to say thank you as I feel to get where I am today would have taken years and probably cost me a lot more in lost funds to navigate the markets without your service."

A Few Recent Trades That
Premium Member's Have Taken
All trades appeared within the
Stock Watchlist and were also a Real-Time Alert.
+159% (5 weeks)

+102% (8 weeks)
+57% (7 days)

Transformational Results
"I never thought I would be able to perform this well. Before I found you, I was just a lost university student who is studying a degree I don't like. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. Simply put, I didn't think I had a bright future. That's until I found you.

Your videos are very easy to understand and I was able to learn quickly through your great coaching. The live shows, the watchlists, the forum discussions - they are all so helpful. I'm making some great profits and my account is up from $32k to $100k and that's all thanks to you. I now have hope for my future for the first time in my life. I aspire to be a professional trader like you.

Really though, I can't thank you enough. I am so grateful to have you as my mentor. Please continue your great work.

You are literally changing people's lives."
What Some More of Our Member's Say...
"Jack shares everything he knows that's made him such a highly successful trader. I've started using my newly acquired knowledge on shares to great effect.

I am currently sat handsomely in profit – which has already paid for my membership plan for the year multiple times over"

Premium Member
"The 'lightbulb moment'. Jack has taken me from an average trader, who was lucky to break even, to finally becoming a consistently profitable trader. When I learn from a mentor, it's important that not only are they good educators, but that they are serious traders too.

I truly believe purchasing this membership has been the best trading decision I have made."

Premium Member
"I'm extraordinarily happy with my decision to enrol on Jack's PREMIUM Membership.

I expect to continue my membership long into the future. I actually feel slightly bad that I've had access to such exceptional training and stock information for the cost of a very modest membership fee!"

Premium Member
"If you sign up you'll get Jack's honest, intelligent, clear communication. No ego. No outlandish promises. Just the generous sharing of everything he's learned during his trading career so far. I seriously can't recommend this membership highly enough!"
Premium Member
Jack Corsellis
Professional Stock Trader
Jack started trading over 10 years ago. Although he has become a consistently profitable swing trader, that was not always the case. The ups and downs, wins and losses, good experiences and bad, have all bought him to the place he is today.

Jack is one of the leading stock market teachers and his trading expertise and membership plans are world renown for their quality. The many testimonials are proof of Jack's ability to produce transformation results for his Premium members.

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